five week modelling course
on a payment plan

About the course

The Five Week Course runs one night per week for five weeks. Four of these nights incorporate 2-3 photoshoots each (a total of nine photoshoots) and one night focuses on catwalk training and professional fashion modelling.

You'll be working with photographers Jeremy Phillips and the brilliant Halo makeup & styling team. Experienced Halo models will be helping out during your photoshoots as well.


Halo is known for providing a no-stress, relaxed, supportive environment in our photoshoots. You'll be given all the help and advice you need to get great images, and our non-competitive environment means the rest of the models will become your cheer squad, not your rivals.

Each photoshoot night of the course includes:

You receive the images from each photoshoot at the following session, one week later. This way helps to build your confidence, as you can see your progress from one shoot to the next. By the end of the course, you'll have a portfolio of eighteen professionally edited images, on nine different photoshoot themes.

Catwalk training

The third night of the course is catwalk training and professional catwalk training. You'll learn walks, turns and poses, as well as how catwalk shows are co-ordinated backstage. After the course, you will have to option to continue runway training as part of the Halo Runway Team and participate in industry runway shows.


Halo Modelling course nights are a friendly, welcoming environment, where you can learn to appreciate and make the most of your own personal strengths.

During the course, you'll become more and more confident in front of the camera, as you learn what poses and styles work best for you. Our goal is to help you to become totally comfortable in photoshoots, and confident in your beauty and ability.

You will have a much stronger idea of how the industry works and how to move forward with your modelling. You'll also be clued in on how to tell a good opportunity from a scam, and become an expert on avoiding dodgy situations.

You will learn about how to promote yourself effectively through social media, and how to build your personal connections and advance your career through networking.

Halo Tribe

Once you finish the course, you'll become a member of Halo Tribe, our model community. This amazing, supportive family of Halo models is a huge benefit to your modelling career, as you're never out there trying to work things out on your own, plus you'll have access to social events and free photoshoots, as well as special photoshoot offers just for Halo Tribe models. You will be eligible to join our runway training team, and to attend exclusive Halo fashion events, such as Halo Galas and the annual Halo Ball.

Getting started

Reserve your place in our next course now!

The cost of the course is $1500.00. We also provide payment plans so you can spread the cost over time. With a $100 deposit to secure your place, you can then pay $140.00 per week for ten weeks.

For now you only need to pay a $100 deposit to secure your place.

January Holiday Programme

The January Holiday Programme is designed for people who want to get the course done rapidly during the holidays.

It has the exact same content as the regular five week course, the same five course nights with photoshoots and runway training, but the five nights are compressed into a much shorter timeframe over 15 days:

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Course participants are required to attend the prescribed sessions as scheduled, no compensation or refund will be provided in the event that participants are unable to attend or fail to attend some sessions. Registration for the course constitutes an undertaking to pay for the course in full, although consideration may be made where there is good reason the participant is unable to attend the course as planned. The client may also make prior arrangements to attend a subsequent replacement session.

Photographs provided as part of the course are provided as-is, and cannot be substituted or altered. Participants, or legal guardians undertaking this agreement on their behalf, give their permission that names and images of the participants may be used by Halo Modelling in the promotion of this and future courses. We will not sell or provide your images or contact information to third parties for commercial use unrelated to the courses. Each participant is are granted unrestricted use of the images of themselves provided as part of the product, with the one exception that the images cannot be provided to third parties for commercial use other than promotion of the model.

No liability is accepted for any loss or disadvantage incurred as a result of participation in the course. The organisers reserve the right to make any changes to personnel as may become necessary.

The Halo Tribe programme membership is a free but non-guaranteed benefit of the course, as this programme may be cancelled or altered at any time, and membership of the programme can also be terminated by Halo Modelling or by the member without explanation at any time. Halo Tribe events and offers are constantly changing, the nature of offers provided is not consistent or guaranteed.